About Us

You might be in control of everything at home, but when you travel, would you be aware of all your possibilities? Would you know what neighborhood to live in, and how to find a place in that neighborhood? Would you know how to find a car for your commute, or even where to find the best long term or short term cell phone plan? International Lifestyle Services can help you.

Every area has its own unique conventions, and practices. International Lifestyle Services realizes that simple misunderstandings can cost you a client, or opportunity, and will help you avoid these pitfalls by providing you with your own consultant 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

By bridging the cultural divide between areas, International Lifestyle Services will make your life easier. Whether professional, or individual, long term, or short term, International Lifestyle Services LTD will be there.

International Lifestyle Services LTD moves very quickly and find the right apartment in a location that fits your price range, and needs, along with car leasing, health insurance, cell phone and etiquette coach. Simply fill out our form, located here, so that we may better understand your individual needs for the specific area you would like to visit, or relocate to.

International Lifestyle Services can organize international corporate meetings, corporate trips, and corporate sport competitions. No situation is too large or too small, and we will make your visions happen quickly, and seamlessly. Our team covers every business area: legal, tax, real estate agency, moving, HR coach, marketing & communication, strategy development, leasing car.

Wherever your travels take you, the security of International Lifestyle Services LTD travels with you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.